JOLT Tomboy Bill X Guy Ritani

Exhibition runs: 23-28 July 2019 Event: Saturday 27 July, 6-9pm

An exhibition of works from the ‘Intermingling’ and ‘Offcut’ series by Tomboy Bill

TomboyBill paints with a gentle, self-deprecating humour. Each piece is personal, intimate and reflective, often populated with solitary figures set against a stark landscape, reflecting our own hidden thoughts.


Shoaling Needs An installation by Guy Ritani

Material demand increases in popularity while the divide between climate status and consumer awareness expands. 'Shoaling Needs', a snapshot into the mindless desire fuelling todays material consumption, functions as a commentary on our current global position; begging the discourse of action: In what form? In which area? Can we cope with responsibility? A work comprised of single use waste in a non-utilitarian manner. Intended to provoke and illuminate the snubbed conversation of climate action, our (pen?)ultimate trial.

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