Love Me Love Me

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Love me, love me, say that you love me
A group exhibition of all kinds of love.
You can love lots of things- people, pets, places, objects, feelings, food, art, life, etc.
Love should be open & expressive. If you love someone or something, don't be afraid to tell the world about it.
If you love me, let me know!
I wanna hear you scream my name & how much you love me from the rooftop & then buy me some pizza to eat with me in the park because you know I love that kind of thing & of course because sharing is caring & caring is love.
Tell me about your latest fling, your favourite colour, that movie you love & that song you can't stop listening to.
I love the way you can be honest with me.
I love that we're friends now & that we're happy & that we both really love good chats & love life again.

Exhibiting Artists: Amber Sirre, Anna MacNeill, Anna Seed, Ann Iversen, Brigit Annie Lambert, Brooke Van Der Linden, Cassandra Martin, Claire Wakeford, Claudia Van Eeden, Eleanor James, Freya Alexander, Grace Taylor, Hannah Ruby, Hannah Simpkin, Hannakin, Harley & Händen, Hilary Green, Jodi Wiley, Kalindy Williams, Kate Wallace, Kathy Sarpi, Kat Phillimore, Laura Du Vé, Megan Rennie, Mia Freeman, Mil Johnson, Nadia Düsselberg, Naomi Meg, Pey Chi, Plush Magic, Rach H, Rebecca Jane Marshall, Regan Brantley, Sam Stevens, Sarah Firth, Sarah Strickland, Savi Ross, Sorcha Mackenzie, Tegan Iversen & Vonne Beyer.

Exhibition Runs: 20 Feb - 10 March
Opening Event: Thursday 21 Feb 6-8pm
Artist Talks: Sunday 24 Feb from 2pm
Curated by: Tegan Iversen