[ Image: Cassie Leatham]

[Image: Cassie Leatham]

HOPEFREEDOM Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

Come by the inspiring HOPEFREEDOM exhibition presented by Melbourne Artists for Asylum Seekers (MAFA) as part of the Human Rights Film Festival 2019.

MAFA are a collective of musicians, dancers, painters, drawers, animators, art therapists, activists, sculptors, crafter and art enthusiasts who welcome anyone and everyone interested in their projects.

Various events will also be running at No Vacancy throughout the exhibiting week by MAFA and special guests such as Littlefoot and Company. Make sure to check out the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival website for more info!

Exhibition runs 13 May til 19 May 2019

Join us for a panel discussion on Thursday May 16 from 6pm, followed by a networking event at 7.30pm

The goal is clear. But how do we as screenwriters ‘do diversity’ effectively and authentically? In this discussion forum, a panel of nine emerging screenwriters awarded a Social Cohesion on Screen Fellowship by non-profit organisation Cinespace will discuss their practice-based research into writing cultural diversity for the screen, raise some important issues to be navigated as a screenwriter, and open the floor to audience contributions.

Featured Artists: Cem Bilici, Chloe Wong, John Kassab, Kauthar Abdulalim, Mai Nguyen, Naz Sevinc & Ravi Chand
Moderator: Sherry-Rose Bih Watts

Presented by Cinespace