NV Window

[Exhibition by James Barter]

[Exhibition by James Barter]


The No Vacancy Window is an unconventional experimental video site, inviting emerging artists to create a site-specific work that challenges the stereotypical ideas of what the 'video' medium is. Working within constraints, how far an artist can push the space, is a testament to their ability as an individual. All the while providing the audience with a looking glass,
into the future of Melbourne Artists, and their ideas.

The No Vacancy Window was founded in 2018 by
Isaiah Morris and is currently curated by
Amber ter Hedde.

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Video Site Details

The No Vacancy Window runs 24/7 and is located to the the right of the main NV QV gallery entrance.
Specifically, the screen operates with these requirements.
- 1080x1920 resolution (portrait orientation)
- 25fps
- Title + Name of artist, optional
- Artwork should have no black at either start/end, preferred.

To apply to show your work in the window email info@no-vacancy.com.au

The No Vacancy Window invites emerging artists to create a site-specific work that encapsulates and translates Melbourne's current political, social and environmental landscape, into a video based artwork. With these ideas grounded on the basis of locality and living in Melbourne, but projecting these ideas into the future and broader community and world. Leaving this idea rather quite open-ended, we invite you to explore relevant ideas and questions that bear weight to you personally as an artist, and as a society.

- Isaiah Morris