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Arouse the mind through art Jake Sugar | Solo exhibition

1 - 6 October 2019 Entry is free

Jake’s creative journey began at age thirteen, when he was first afforded the opportunity to engage in art and design. His love of colour, stemming from early childhood, is inextricably linked with emotion, constituting an unsurpassable means of expression. Jake draws inspiration primarily from himself and his life experiences, emotionally channelling himself and the world into his art. This journey, and the artworks it has produced, continue to shape his identity and aspirations.

Jake has a long-standing fascination with mortality, finding himself intrigued by the inevitability of death. Lucid dreams in his childhood prompted his life philosophy: “There’s only one promise in life, and that’s death.”

Understanding the importance of time, our lives cannot be rewritten or extended. Every action must constitute progression, a tenet symbolised in his logo by the side-profile of a skull. He explains that the key to life is to look forward, focussing on your inner self and your beliefs to find and enact your purpose. This leads naturally to positively impacting the people around you, helping others to prosper through your own growth. 

This preoccupation with finite time and self-belief led Jake to the incorporation of Louis Vuitton into his art. The timeless legacy of Vuitton, achieved through the man’s unrivalled determination, corresponds directly to Jake’s own vision. Such a legacy defies mortality, embodying the success that can follow risk and perseverance. This is the driving force behind the works of both Jake and Vuitton, comprising the message Jake hopes to convey through his collection. Though belief and trust in the self is at the core of his process and is present in every piece, the meaning of his art:  “A stimulant to the mind. Inviting the beholders to open their mind, soul and heart. Getting in touch with feelings and emotions through different mediums, colour and powerful designs that people have never seen before - impact and inspire.” 

This collection exhibits the heart of Jake’s journey through life, exposing the passions, fears, and inspirations that have shaped who he has become today. In the future, Jake aspires to keep being true to himself and trusting the universe mentally. He believes people can gain an insight and understanding of their own lives through his artwork, let’s allow to be absorbed by his imagination!