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No Vacancy Gallery is calling for submissions from artists for the group exhibition ‘Flesh’.

The human body is the centre of how we experience the world around us. Through physical interactions, body language and an individual's appearance we try to gain an insight into one another. However, often there is a disconnect between perception and reality. 

Everybody has a body, everybody has flesh. Your body is personal yet exposed to everyone. The way we look upon those bodies, our own or someone else’s, can be very different. Do you ever imagine what it would feel like to be in someone else’s skin? How is it to be in your own skin? What is flesh and what does flesh mean to you? 

Our contemporary society conveys social conventions which are often challenged through the representation of the body in modern day art. 

The idea of ‘Flesh’ is multi-interpretable. Whether your art is about body - movement, language, image, empowerment, stereotypes, humanity or animality, subconscious communication or any other subject related to the theme ‘Flesh’ we invite you to share your personal experience through your art. 

Exhibition dates: 10 - 15 December 2019                             Install day: Monday 9 Dec (accepted works to be dropped off prior to this)  Exhibition event: Thursday 12 Dec, 6-8pm.  Artwork collection: Sunday 15 Dec, 5.30 - 7pm.

Conditions -All mediums (including video & performance) and sizes accepted. If you wish to submit a live performance piece, please contact us for further information. -Exhibitors Fee: $55 per artist. Maximum 2 works.  (This is a contribution towards gallery rental, staffing, install, promotion and security for opening night.)              -Gallery Commission: 15% off any artwork sales. 

To apply, please fill out the application form via and email with:  -Artist CV -2 high quality images of each work submitted

The final date for submissions is Monday 18 November.

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You are allowed to submit more than two works. However, only a maximum of two art-pieces per artist will be included in the exhibition.
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