Wesley Dowling - Raster


Photographs were once recognized as the epitome of truth.  Now photographic information can be manipulated via software to create images that can be an indistinguishable simulation.  Rasterconsiders the malleability of the electronic image by transforming the pixel information of an AI generated photograph of a human into flowing abstraction.  The work explores how our experience of the world is increasingly based on potentially manipulated information via images, through screens and virtual media rather than tangible reality.

Wesley Dowling is a Melbourne-based emerging artist whose work encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. He creates site-responsive installations that investigate the characteristics of electronic images.  His practice of exploring the qualities of the electronic image is a response to the technological changes within photography in the last 20 years, and the move from the print to virtual screen based mediums. Within his practice, he is researching how the body of the viewer can activate, interact or complete a projection based or online work utilizing image capture and interactive software tools. Wesley is currently a honours candidate in Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) at RMIT. His work has been exhibited galleries, online and public spaces such as West Projections (Melbourne 2018) and Queertech.io (Melbourne 2019).