In Hesitation We Believe

Detail of ‘Shall Retain’ by Marina Rolfe (Recipient of the 2019 SBS Portrait Award)

Detail of ‘Shall Retain’ by Marina Rolfe (Recipient of the 2019 SBS Portrait Award)

A solo exhibition by Marina Rolfe

Dates: 15-20 October 2019 Exhibition Event: 17 October 6-8pm Entry is free

In hesitation we believe is a collection of visual fragments, a nebulous area between the conscious and the unconscious. It’s immediate, unpolished and unfinished. 

To encounter someone - to take in the information of their presence - requires a subjective effort to form a view of that person, while simultaneously reforming the view of yourself.

At that exact moment - you house a number of thoughts. When this person blinks, sighs or pauses, a host of emotions, questions or distractions arise, disturbing your inner balance while drawing you into the unconscious mind. It is there that these new visual recordings are stored. It’s a moment that is blurry, full of shapes and colours, movements, sounds, and layers. 

In hesitation we believe takes shape as a series of portraits and figures centred on that internal experience. It is less concerned with representing specific individuals. Most of the paintings have no specific gender, race or other forms of differentiation, and it is in obscuring these elements that focus is brought to the commonalities of emotion that we all share as human beings. 

About the artist: Marina Rolfe was born in Vladivostok, Russia, in 1989. Growing up in Moscow encompassed years of honing an artistic practice, including attendance at an art school from the age of six, and three years studying Fine Art and Graphic design, with a focus on painting, drawing, sculpture and photography, at the HSE Art and Design School. 

A move to Australia in 2009 led to an eventual settling in Melbourne, where Rolfe is currently based. Over the years, Rolfe has participated in group shows in Australia and overseas. In 2019, Rolfe’s painting Shall Retain won the SBS Portrait Award.